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I grabbed this and the next bottle of something called “Irish Whiskey” for St Patrick’s day when we threw a little impromptu get together.  My work ethic being what it is its taken me until now to write down some notes.

So, obviously, this is not scotch, this is irish whiskey.  Its a pressed malt, distilled in a different manner.  The Redbreast 12y is a Single Pot Still Whiskey, which seems to be on par in terms of effort and unadulteratedness with single malt scotch.  I’ll do a more thorough piece on the breakdown of irish whiskies later.

Neat: smells of citrus, honey.  Smooth & warm all the way down.  No peat or smoke, still oaky.

With ice: cinnamon, spicy, slight medicine aftertaste.  Sweet.

Redbreast 12y – 40% 750ml – $47.95 – Ireland

Try it? Definitely.  Buy it?  Good intro to the type, yes.

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