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Smokehead Whisky

I need to say this up front – this scotch is not for the faint of heart.  The Smokehead bottle comes in a can embossed with many words about how […]

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$30,000 worth of single malt scotch

Montreal Scotch

Recent trip to Montreal with Katherine netted many scotch opportunities (scotchportunities), not this least of which was the SAQ on St Catherine’s.  This one shelf represents about a year’s pay […]

Whisky Caramel Corn

So, I don’t know if you know this, but when you make homemade caramel corn as Katherine awesomely does, its actually kind of an interesting chemistry thing.  You basically boil […]

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Highland Park 12y

Once again, I should start by copping to the fact I already like this scotch.  I’m still working my way through my own collection, and I tend to give away […]


I firmly believe, if you buy a bottle, you can drink it any way you want.  Ice, water, neat, scotch rocks, freaking ginger ale.  Its your money, do what you […]