Jura Prophecy with The Dan

This is a big hitter.  Probably one of the most robust scotches I’ve tasted so far that remains drinkable.  Hands down, we have nothing but good things to say about the entire Jura line.

This particular expression coined the term “Nostalgiafying” as the heavy smoke brings thoughts of camping to mind.

Neat: The Dan – smells like bonfire, smokey. Aftershave, and spicy nutmeg.  Me – Rich colour, fresh.  Leather, cologne, smoke.

With ice: Still spicy on the lips, very good.

With a splash: bonfire through and through, spicy, strong enough to evoke memories, not sweet.

Jura Prophecy – 46% 750ml – $89.95 – Islands

Try it? YES! Buy it? For sure.

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