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Balvenie Founder’s Reserve 10y with The Dan

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The other night I got a call from The Dan that our friend Alex had purloined a bottle of single malt scotch from his dad’s closet.  It proved to be the very tasty Founder’s Reserve 10y expression, discontinued some time ago and not currently available.  Awesome.  Its always a treat to stumble upon rarer bottles, drinks that in another perfectly ordinary universe might never have crossed your path.

The expression appears to have been a mainstay in the 80’s but the site unfortunately doesn’t indicate when it was discontinued.

Neat: smells sweet & syrupy, tastes of wood smoke & honey. The Dan – honey & maple come through strong.

With ice: alcohol, honey & spice

With a splash: cirtus & spicy

Balvenie Founder’s Reserve 10y – 40% 750ml – ?? – Speyside

Try it? Definitely.  Buy it? If you can find it.

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