JP Wiser’s Double Still Rye with Dan

thisoneJP Wiser’s Double Still Rye. Again with the Wiser’s.

We are pretty consistent non-fans of Wiser’s and their stable of whiskies, which is unfortunately both huge and cheap, so they end up in the rotation as simply the most accessible new bottle on the shelf. And while non of us like Wiser’s that much, the bottles themselves are pretty easy to get rid of with cocktail¬†drinkers. Wiser’s tends to vanish in a well made drink, so while it never seems to stand up on its own, there’s always someone willing to take it off my hands.

In this case, Wiser’s is doubling down on their rye blends by blending two rye and a corn whiskey, one produced in a pot still to maximize flavour, and the other two in a column still to minimize costs. Two different rye distillates may make it harder to keep consistency which likely explains the addition of corn, to level things out with its sweetness. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – sweet nail polish remover
Simon – standard canadian whisky caramel

Dan – mostly pear sweetness with slight burn
Simon – thin caramel burn

Dan – spicy & long
Simon – rye spice burn but unconvincing

Dan – isopropyl alcohol
Simon – sweet like fake sweetner

free association
Dan – that guy that says he loves whisky but then presents you with sour puss
Simon – back 40 party with older kids who are about to haze you

Dan – 3/10
Simon – 4/10

JP Wiser’s Double Still Rye – 43.4% 750ml – $29.95 – Ontario

Try it? No. Buy it? No

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    Jim Lomond

    The fact that you guys cannot find anything but the most superficial and insulting aromas and flavours shows that you’re noses and palettes were closed before you ever tasted the whisky. Even if you don’t like the sum of the parts, there’s more to this whisky than you want to acknowledge. You’re not even trying, and you don’t want to. You want your pre-defined, instinctive, negative views to be confirmed, so you make it so. Self-fulfilling prophetic reviews. You started with Wiser’s cheapest and most run of the mill whiskies, and as far as I can see have never tried any of the higher grade ones. This particular one isn’t up with the Legacy or the 18 Year Old, but it’s not as bad as you’re proclaiming. It’s better than the other ones you’ve reviewed, but you’re purposely allowing and expecting the cheaper ones to influence what you (want to) smell and taste in this one.

    This one is not near my favourite Canadian whiskies, but it definitely is not as bad as you want it to be. Scotch snobbery at it’s worst.

    • 3

      If you read the site, you’d see we like plenty of cheap whiskies and plenty of Canadian whiskies. From sampling over 200 whiskies you notice things like brand-wide common tastes. And if you don’t like that taste, you’re probably not going to like that brand. We keep buying Wiser’s because this hobby is expensive, Wiser’s is cheap, and there’s always someone who appreciates the bottle afterwards.

      We’ve never claimed to be experts or sommeliers or anything more than a bunch of friends enjoying whisky together, even when we don’t enjoy the whisky. Thanks for reading, hope you come back.

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