iScotch Bourbon Slurry with Dan, Goran & Ryan

thisAnd now for something different, again. Yeah, it’s different in almost exactly the same way as last time, but slightly different from that. This time, we’ve created a concoction of… um… well, I can’t honestly remember if this is just bourbons, or all American whiskies. But yeah, Project Pour Stuff Together Over The Course Of Months worked pretty well last time, so we decided to try it with bourbons or whatever as well.

Our last experiment proved remarkably enjoyable for the amount of effort expended, and we had expected the same half-assery to come out gold again. It did not. Turns out you can’t just combine awesome things without a plan and have them stay awesome: sometimes you get Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but most of the time you just get Audioslave.

Here’s what we thought:

Dan – amber
Simon – brass
Goran – neon midnight purple, poison green
Ryan – dark

Dan – burnt caramelized onion, balsamic sweet, dry wood
Simon – sweet grass, dry wood
Goran – tons of vanilla
Ryan – cherry, wood, marshmallow

Dan – woody fire
Simon – stinging robitussin straight up gross
Goran – easy on bourbon bitterness, not too sweet
Ryan – mild burn, light fruity taste, tea

Dan – mad burn
Simon – mouth hurts, i hate it
Goran – burn is in the middle of the tongue, not the edges
Ryan – throat burn, wood

Dan – nice drink, starts salty wood with sweet dry end
Simon – cherry drink, still gross
Goran – falls apart
Ryan – n/a

iScotch Bourbon Slurry – 40-60% 200ml – priceless – USA, blended in Canada

Try it? No, there’s none left. Buy it? Fuck no, but you can’t.

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