Gordon Graham’s Black Bottle with Dan, Goran, Steve, Brian & Matt

IMG_7160usethisSteve’s first submission – actually, that’s not true. Steve provided the tiny bottles for the Glengoyne and Old Fettercairn reviews, but he wasn’t around to review… not that there would have been enough, them being tiny bottles and all,

Gordon Graham’s Black Bottle was a good pick. It’s not often these days that I haven’t at least heard of a bottle before it shows up, but as I sit down here to write the article I don’t know anything about this brand. This should be fun.

Right off the bat, it’s interesting. BBGG (for short) is part of Burn Stewart Distillers, which includes other great scotches like Tobermory, Bunnahabhain, Deanston & Ledaig. Pretty good stablemates, and good sources for a blend. The blend and the business date back to 1879 over the usual rough scotch whisky road – long family history, almost dying out before being resuscitated, etc. Fun fact, the Graham boys started out as tea blenders.

That website tho… 1) this cheesedick video, with of course Confucius quotes and floating words and the thickest Scottish brogue and dramatic music:

ffs it’s *whisky*, guys.

2) their insider special information (read, mailing list) section is called The Back Door Club. C’mon now. Urban dictionary has got to be part of your brand and media due diligence, because it’s 2015. I lost 5 minutes giggling at that, that’s not professional.

As for the scotch, here’s what we thought:

Dan – lipton’s
Simon – brass
Goran – iced tea
Steve – honey
Brian – amber
Matt – rich amber

Dan – nail polish remover aged in a plywood box in a basement
Simon – pretty good, sharp, damp smoke
Goran – brown sugar, plum, cucumber
Steve – grape, fruity
Brian – sweet, strong, intense, smoke, proper scotch
Matt – subtle iodine, not strong, subtle leather

Dan – dry, slightly melon & bog wood
Simon – good heat, spicy, dark cherries, dirt
Goran – malt, coffee, mellow
Steve – not too alcoholly, bit casky, good
Brian – chocolatey, smooth, easy
Matt – subtle caramel, not unpleasantly overpowered by loud burn, vanilla, banana

Dan – medium, bitter walnuts
Simon – lingering warmth
Goran – short-medium, cake
Steve – sweet, i like it
Brian – very little, kind of gone. clent
Matt – lingering complex, hazelnut, strong

Dan – mellow out, less sweetness
Simon – light
Goran – coconut water, falls apart
Steve – pretty much the same
Brian – n/a
Matt – cuts flavour

Dan – 4
Simon – 5.5
Goran – 5.5
Steve – 7
Brian – 8.4
Matt – 6 (8 for just blends)

Gordon Graham Black Bottle – 40% 750ml – $32.95 – Glasgow

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes.

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