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Tiny Review! Old Fettercairn 10y

Single Malt

IMG_3050Tiny review? Yes, a tiny review! My friend Steve got a couple of roughly 10ml sampler bottles on a trip to Scotland, and passed them along to me once he got back to Ottawa. There’s no point in trying to split the contents – it’s hard enough to just get it out of the tiny bottle – so I did this review on my own while prepping for another art project.

Oh, and apologies for missing the usual Friday new post day. I took a three day weekend and promptly forgot what day of the week it was.

Anyway, what is Old Fettercairn? Maybe you’ve heard of it, but I hadn’t. There doesn’t appear to be a web presence for Fettercairn at all; it’s currently owned by United Spirits, acquired when they purchased Whyte & Mackay. Neither holding company lists Old Fettercairn in their stable of whiskies.

Fortunately both Wikipedia and The Whisky Exchange have some notes on the history of Old Fettercairn, which can be abbreviated to: financial difficulties, changed hands, changed hands, owner elected prime minister, burned down, incorporated, bankruptcy, partner buy-out, liquidation, shuttered, rescued, purchased, purchased, purchased. I don’t know if they’re cursed or if this is a story of perseverance; it sort of sounds like these guys are always tottering between the two. Here’s what I thought:

colour – very light

nose – light, nutty

neat – very nutty, hazel or almond. oak, no burn

finish – bright & sharp on the tongue

Old Fettercairn 10y – 40% 10ml – ??? – Highlands

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