Forty Creek Spike Honey Spice with Dan

Flavoured whisky, man. Why do we keep doing this?

Forty Creek Spike Honey Spice. It’s like honey only no not really. Not at all actually. It’s what a computer’s idea of a bee makes for honey. It’s what wasp honey probably tastes like. Like if honey was made from scorpions maybe.

But this was a Christmas present and of course I’m happy to have the chance to try something, especially something I probably wouldn’t pick up on my own. Dan used to love Forty Creek so he might have bought it, Dan crazy like that. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – cherry coke with spiced rum
Simon – “honey” = basic sweet + brown

Dan – like worthers after brushing your teeth
Simon – like “unspecified winter beverage” syrup & booze

Dan – too long
Simon – very gross burn

Dan – taste like watered down caramel syrup that’s gone off
Simon – like what a high schooler thinks a mixed drink tastes like

Dan – 0/10
Simon – 2/100

Forty Creek Spike Honey Spiced – 40% 750ml – $28.95 – Ontario

Try it? FUCK NO. Buy it? I mean as revenge maybe.

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