Dewar’s White Label Blended Scotch with Dan, Ryan, Goran & Davey

IMG_1109Still deep in budget territory, we find the Dewar’s White Label.

Wait, you say. Or… the you in my head anyway. Or, yous – there’s at least a million of you and you all wait with baited breath to read the next disrespectful, distrustful, pseudo-anti-corporate-but-still-buying-their-product-ful missive from iScotch’s secret base in the Andes mountains, where we fake a Canadian IP to maintain the coveted .ca extension and drink scotch in egg-shaped chairs from egg-shaped glasses you can’t fucking put down anywhere because they tip over. I gave them a bad review on Amazon.

Wait, you say. Why do they keep calling these cheap end whiskies white label? That’s a good question. Oxford English dictionary defines white lab- just kidding. Wiki defines white label a couple of ways: either a short-run record pressing, something produced by one company but sold by another, or a couple of different but I assume equally terrible musical projects. You can buy Dewar’s White Label anywhere, all the time – their parent company Bacardi says they’re the number one Scotch blend in America – so I don’t think it’s anything short run. Besides, distillers tend to say Small Batch as often as legally possible, and they ain’t here.

It’s possible they refer to selling by someone else. One would assume they’re saying “this product is so good other people want to sell it as their product”. I can’t find any indication if that’s true. Maybe in the developing markets, but I wouldn’t want to put my name on this if I didn’t have to.

We talked about Dewar’s company when we reviewed the Aberfeldy 12y. Re-reading that post I see we meant to look out for some similar flavour notes, since the 12y is part of Dewar’s blend. We did not. Sorry, faithful readers. But here’s what we did think:

Dan – smoke, hairspray, honey
Simon – cream candy, wormwood, freshmow
Goran – strawberry, milk
Ryan – creamy, strawberry
Davey – field berries, cream

Dan – light, peat, not smoked, honey, spicy, wood. finishes warm mellow type sweetness with a slight numbness
Simon – lightly smoked, well constructed, not particularly anything tho, nondescript
Goran – the bite is not sharp but still a bit off balance, light flavours
Ryan – slightly flat, green tea
Davey – nothing specific

Dan – smooth, light peat, honey, spicy wood
Simon – with a splash you could drink it all night, but because it’s unoffensive, not because it’s good. boring
Goran – if lots of water added, easy all night drinker
Ryan – n/a
Davey – n/a

Dewar’s White Label Blended Scotch – 40% 750 – $24.45 – Scotland

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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