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mergeJust a quick wee bonus review to wrap up our great night at the Highlander Pub. Once we crashed through all The Glenrothes, we wanted a little sipper to taste while we waited for our food.  Price is always a concern when eating at a resto you’ve already bought $200 worth of scotch at so we targeted one of the many reasonable price levels on the menu and picked the Aberfeldy 12y as our first foray into this brand.

Aberfeldy is part of the Dewar’s brand whose website instructs us all to live true, and has many pictures of denimed, bearded men working at things like cars and rock climbing and rock starring. DID YOU GET THAT THIS IS FOR MEN YET? I love when brands buy into the genderization of their product and consign half of their potential market to their competitors. I was introduced to whisky by a woman, have had many a jovial glass of angry brown with women, and try to include women in our tastings as much as possible – the debatable outcome on the last one is not about sexism but is about how fugly we are.

Enough gender identity kvetching. Aberfeldy is a single malt that is used for Dewar’s blended scotches, which means you should (arguably) be able to taste some of the same notes in this as in a Dewar’s blend.  We’ll check that out when we get around to reviewing Dewar’s. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – huge nose burn, cranberry, soft perfume, soft flower
Goran – honey water, cherry, rose, almond, herbal
Simon – mint, oak & smoke, sweet
Ryan – mixed berries, smoke

Dan – very light, didn’t feel it at first, new, non-specific wood
Goran – dry, interesting, spicy, oily, mint, no bitter, no sweetness
Simon – buttery, light, smooth, a little electric
Ryan – lots of palate burn

Dan – collapsed with splash, taste becomes non-specific
Goran – n/a
Simon – remains spiced & bright, sunny
Ryan – non-descript, non-specific

Aberfeldy 12y – 40% 750ml – $54.95 – Highlands

Try it? 50% yes. Buy it? 50% no.

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