Compass Box Spice Tree with Dan

How many of these things are there? It’s like I’ve forgotten we ever reviewed anything else. NUMBER 5 – Compass Box Spice Tree, a veritable uh tree of I guess spices.

Spice Tree apparently broke some rules when it first came out, using a system of inner staves of a different wood to achieve (or maybe cheat) a second maturation. The people who say what can be called scotch (I picture 12 foot tall Scotspeeps with Claymores and sporrans made of living bears) said “NA YE CANNAE CA’ THIS SCOTCH YE DID A FIDDLY THING TAE IT WE DINNAE LIK’ ‘N’ WE’RE NAE HUVIN IT” only it sounded like bagpipes with EDM beats. Compass Box rejiggered (de-jiggered) their casks and were allowed to call it scotch again. fin

This review may be a little unfair as neither Dan nor I really go in for flavoured whisky, ever, but here’s what we thought:

Dan – crisp, slightly nutty, cereal, marzipan
Simon – spice flavourings, similar to spicebox

Dan – very syrupy, bitter, spicy as fuck
Simon – not much past spice, like rye and pepper

Dan – long and painful, twss
Simon – burn but tongue is numb

Dan – i thought for a second it was getting better but then it bit me
Simon – calmer but not great

Dan – 4.7/10
Simon – 5/10

for a blend
Dan – 4.7/10
Simon – 5.2/10

Compass Box Spice Tree Blended Scotch Whisky – 46% 50ml – $80.50 – Scotland

Try it? Nah. Buy it? No.

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