Compass Box Asyla with Dan

Aw yiss let’s kick of Compass Box Month-And-A-Half here at iScotch – Asyla! A blended scotch meant as an everyday drinker, taken with splash. Unfortunately for anyone who did take them up on the daily driver option, this expression is no longer available because they can’t find the right source whiskies for the blend.

Which is a little interesting. Blends are known for consistency over time, theoretically. Realistically you’d have to keep reference bottles in null-entropy fields and compare with a gas chromatograph to have any evidence there. The consistency comes from the flavour being a target that can be hit with a number of different combinations (again theoretically). But if you can’t find those couple of combinations, your blend flavour will be off. The last batch of Asyla ran in January, but the line wasn’t discontinued until June. I’d be very curious what those six months of Attempted Asyla ended up tasting like. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – musty coconut with a bit of mint and nail polish remover
Simon – honey custard tart, balsamic vinegar, smoked vanilla

Dan – soft to start, then a bit of spice dry not musty wood
Simon – wood, toffee, applesauce

Dan – medium, spicy
Simon – medium tang

Dan – a bit bitter while kind of less intense
Simon – sharper, more plain

Dan – 8.5/10
Simon – 7.8/10

for a blend
Dan – 9.01/10
Simon – 9/10

Compass Box Asyla Blended Scotch Whisky – 40% 50ml – $ – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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