Bruichladdich Unpeated Islay Barley with Dan & Ryan

Second out of the box, we have Bruichladdich’s Unpeated Islay Barley. It’s.. uh.. … it’s what the name says it is, I guess.

I’ve tried to find this expression on the website, but i don’t have a conclusive link. The small bottles listed point to extremely specific (expensive sounding) terroir-y unpeated expressions. This is upeated, but it’s not as specific as the labels on the bottles. And I can’t confirm if it’s the same set, it doesn’t have the same third bottle as this one.┬áSo who knows!

Some distilleries are easier to keep track of than others. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – grapes, cardamom
Simon – mash, rye-ish, cereal, cheese
Ryan – moss, lavender

Dan – very woody, leather & spice, tobacco, caramel
Simon – grapes, rice, bittersweet chocolate
Ryan – bark, wood, sweet

Dan – hard & organic
Simon – excellent warmth in the chest
Ryan – apple, floral

Dan – prunes, wood & cinnamon
Simon – comes apart
Ryan – n/a

Dan – 8.1/10
Simon – 6.7/10
Ryan – 5/10

Bruichladdich Unpeated Islay Barley – 50% 200ml – $84.05 (best guess) – Islay

Try it? yes. Buy it? no.

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