Amrut Single Malt with Davey

IMG_6924I have been travelling a lot lately. Michigan, Cambridge Bay, Vancouver, and this past week I added Jasper. In two days I head to Thunder Bay. Aside from seeing some amazing things, it’s also opened the door to many new whisky experiences which I’ve been writing about.

Jasper in Alberta is an amazing place, simply by the scenery. If you ever get the chance, even staying the night and waking up to the mountains is worth it. Also worth it, Jasper Park Liquor, a very eclectic private liquor store with a neat collection of stuff. We’ll be doing reviews on the stuff I managed to drag home from there for the next few weeks.

Up first, finally another Amrut! This is the base model of the brand, the entriest level, if you will. One of the nice things about JPL was their selection of Collections and mini bottles. Not having to pay full freight on everything we try here means we can try more stuff (pretty sure I’ve said that many times before). Back to the bottle, this is Armut’s oak aged single malt. There’s no expression age given, but their Wiki page explains that due to a higher angel’s share rate of 11-12% vs Scotland’s roughly 2%, they have to bottle sooner to avoid losing too much product, or roughly 4-5 years.

Here’s what we thought:

Davey – light apple juice
Simon – very light, very little colour, light gold

Davey – smooth with hint of pear
Simon – apples, pears, alcohol

Davey – alcohol, then melting sensation, light
Simon – pop but light, subtle oak with burn

Davey – light toffee, faint but lingering
Simon – chest warmth, long finish

Amrut Single Malt Whisky – 46% 50ml – $7.95 – India

Try it? Yes! Buy it? No.

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