Amrut Fusion

As you already know, whisky is far from a simply Scottish phenomenon.  Ireland has its own whiskey, from a different methodology and a different tradition.  North American whiskies like bourbon, moonshine and rye share shelves with new world malts done in the old style.  Hell, vodka means the same thing as whisk(e)y – “Water of life” – and shares some linguistics characteristics too if you’re.. y’know… not looking too closely.

Amrut is an Indian distiller, in the Scottish tradition but developing their own techniques and with an utterly different terroir.  These different elements present themselves clearly in the taste.

smell a lot of alcohol, bubble gum, root beer.

neat spicy, creamy on the tongue. light wood, toffee. alcohol overpowering.

splash lighter and creamer.  burn dissipates.

Amrut Fusion – 50% 700ml – $69.95 – India

Try it? Yes, absolutely. Buy it? No.

3 thoughts on “Amrut Fusion

  1. Fusion has been more miss than hit over the years and is decidedly not my dram of choice.

    Though I applaud the effort of these guys, the whisky just doesn’t hold up – either their single malt, Fusion or Peated. Only one I vaguely recall as having potential was the 1st bottling of Two Contents that I sampled many years ago at a whisky exhibition with the owners.

    More recently out of Goa, Paul John is doing some interesting stuff. Not fully there yet but there is passion and potential… if and when it makes its way to Canada, try something from their Select Cask expressions which are bottled at cask strength.

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