Ungava Gin with Nearly Everyone

I think I know what both my readers are thinking to themselves.  They’re thinking “pretty sure I’m at iSCOTCH, pretty sure I type that in/clicked that bookmark.  so what the hell, guy, why am I reading about gin?”

We’ve reviewed a gin before, The Botanist, specifically because it is made by Bruichladdich, in Scotland.  We’ve included Scottish cask aged beer as related either through method or actually sharing barrels and terroir with different whiskies.  We’ve veered off of a strictly scotch diet to include Irish, Canadian, Swedish, American, Japanese and (coming soon) Welsh whiskies, because we thought that expanding the scope would mean more enjoyable and informative whisky experiences for everyone.

But the reasoning for reviewing Ungava gin are a little different.  I have friends and family that aren’t big whisky drinkers, but enjoy good gin drinks, and several of them were around. I had read this Maclean’s article about a weird Quebec gin that was winning a bunch of awards in world competitions.  When “the world’s best” anything is available for less than $35, 13 minutes from your house, you should try it.  It appears to be a fully new world gin, using a corn spirit and then adding botanicals.

So with people in town who aren’t always in town we threw a little gin party.  There are 8 opinions expressed here, hopefully all the more informative:

dan y – grapefruit, bergamot
steph – juniper & grass
vanni – limoncello
brenna – mellow citrus
simon – all citrus, ethyl
ryan – pine, plastic
jono – smooth but strong
dan b – smell matches the colour

dan y – mellow orange zest, some wood
steph – oranges, lemon, camping
vanni – lemon rind
brenna – citrus bouquet on the mouth
simon – summer, sunshine, smooth zest
ryan – smooth but tingles
jono – floating lemon
dan b – a lot of citrus

dan y – similar to The Botanist, ginger ale
vanni – bitters & sparkling water
brenna – zest, light, smooth, pith
simon – bark, fills the mouth
ryan – white freezie
jono – “i would give this to my child” delightful, white freezie
dan b – easy drinking, light, very citrus, tart

grapefruit perrier
steph – pan citrus, sprite, licorice

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin – 43.1% 750ml – $33.50 – Canada

 Try it? YES! Buy it? YES!

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