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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Peat Project with The Dan

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Bruichladdich is a big brand, consisting of many sub-divisions of brands and sub-brands.  The Peat Project is the non-age specific vintage blend of a single malt of the Port Charlotte line (they’d like you to know it’s a tribute to the Rhinns of Islay, which Wikipedia says is the piece of land that Port Charlotte sits on, and spelled wrong), which hangs with Octomore in the Peated Bruichladdich subdivision.


This is the second Bruichladdich I’ve had, previously trying the Laddie Classic, which is a part of the… forget it.  I wasn’t impressed, but this intentionally peated Bruichladdich is quite nice.

dan – smells really good & oaky
simon – makes the nose pucker with smoke/peat

dan – the oakiest. subtle smokiness (puff vs cloud) but lacks sweet
simon – like Jura Prophecy, lighter, doesn’t club. strong flavour, light colour

dan – smoke & earthiness up, oak becomes afterthought. slight licorice or cherry, almost artificial sweetener

simon – taste gains volume, burn goes up. not better with ice

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte The Peat Project – 46% 700ml – $74.99 – Islay

Try it? Yes. Buy it? If on sale, definitely.

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