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Mackmyra First Edition with Dan & Ryan

Reviews with Dan
Reviews with Ryan
Single Malt

Still whisky, wrong country.  Mackmyra is from Sweden, a country I assumed only drank vodka and snow melt, but what do I know.  As we can tell from the spelling, this is a single malt in the Scottish tradition.

The First Edition appears to be the middle of the range, using a previous distillation method (from their Elegant line) but using only local ingredients and no additives.  You can taste the clarity.

dan – apricot, cherry candy
simon – apples, cleaner
ryan – fruits, red sour patch kids

dan – fruit, less intense, zero smoke
simon – dry white wine, wood
ryan – wine, dried fruits

dan – spiciness
simon – old medicine
dan – orange zest

Mackmyra First Edition – 46.1% 700ml – $66.95 – Sweden

Try it? Yes.  Buy it? Yes.

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