Innis & Gunn Bourbon Dark Ale with Dan

IMG_9023Our last post before Christmas, here’s a solid gift tip: The Innis & Gunn Holiday Pack. You get a heavy duty steel bottle opener and four bottles of beer – Original, Toasted Oak IPA, Rum Finish (review out soon) and this guy, the Bourbon Dark Ale.

Part of Innis & Gunn’s Limited Edition range, there’s not much information from the producers directly – it’s already gone from both their website and online store. Really, this is an iterative expression of their beer – they’ve done a bourbon pale ale and a stout, so a dark beer makes sense. That doesn’t take anything away from the experience, tho – here’s what we thought:

Dan – flat coca cola, bubbles go scummy tho
Simon – opaque purple brown black, like the stuff in Prometheus

Dan – salty hops with dark chocolate
Simon – burnt chocolate, plums

Dan – nice & soft with slight cola and coffee hoppiness
Simon – light cola, old coffee

Dan – slightly bitter & sweet
Simon – clear & grapefruit

overall – “a better coffee porter”
Dan – 8.9/10
Simon – 7.5/10

Innis & Gunn Bourbon Dark Ale – 7.4% 330ml – $14.95 for the pack – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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