Preview! Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale with Dan & Alex

Untitled1Gotta love Twitter. I saw a promo for the Bourbon Pale Ale from Innis & Gunn’s UK account, so I tagged the Canadian account and asked if there were any samples available in Ontario. A couple of direct messages later and we received these two bottles express shipped. They’re not available in Ontario¬†yet, but they will be soon.

So it’s said clearly, we received these products for free from the supplier.¬†That won’t influence our review of the product, but you all know we’re pretty big on Innis & Gunn around here. They didn’t ask for any consideration at all, not even an embargo until the product is available in-market. I don’t even think we’re “required” to do this review; they just sent some stuff to some fans.

We’re writing the review because, well, at this point I get a nosebleed if I don’t write down tasting notes when I try something new, but also to SHOW OFF WE GOT FREE SHIT Y’ALL.

The details here are mostly in the name: Bourbon Pale Ale, or a pale ale aged in bourbon casks – or more correctly in this case, I believe, run through the Oakerator for 22 days. We’ve gone over this tech before, and while purists may howl, you simply can’t argue with Innis & Gunn’s results. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – black cherry, ginger, fennel, licorice
Simon – hop front, savoury, fresh
Alex – lemon, fruit

Dan – light but fullbodied, woody sweet cherry, caramel with slight citrus rind bitterness
Simon – sweet with bitter notes, light but robust, orange present
Alex – citrus

Dan – soft & clean with a slight bitterness (in a good way)
Simon – clean and short, slight pop
Alex – slight bitterness, short

Dan – 9.5/10
Simon – 8/10
Alex – 8/10

Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale – 6% 300ml – $?? – UK

Try it? Yes! Buy it! When it gets here!

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