Glenfiddich 19y Age of Discovery with Holly, Trevor, Steve & Dan

After doing a bunch of these reviews (like… a bunch), you can sort of perceive bigger trends. Like how for a bourbon, you need either a year or a cork, and preferably both. How Irish whiskey is the best value for flavour, but Canadian is what you buy if you’re mixing. One thing we’ve noticed is that more time isn’t always more better, in fact it’s frequent worse. Scotch generally peaks between 10-18 years, and it takes a really special whisky to be *good* at 18+ years to not just taste excessively of cask.

Glenfiddich itself is even more of an anomaly. Younger Glenfiddiches are not… uh, good. A Glenfiddich that can vote, however, is something to check out. Glenfiddich 19y Age of Discovery, aged in bourbon barrels, is the second of the Age of Discovery line, and is definitely worth a try.

Dan – flowers, honey, apple, salted caramel
Holly – caramel apples
Trevor – pepper, orange, lemon, dry leave
Simon – sherry, jolly rancher apples
Steve – sweet, marker (purple, pink)

Dan – slightly stingy, salted caramel
Holly – bourbon, softer, toast
Trevor – smokey bourbon
Steve – there’s the wood, spicy,
Simon – solvent, walnut

Dan – short & sweet, literally
Holly – allspice
Trevor – sweet
Steve – sweet, butterscotch
Simon – burn, chest warmth

Dan – full on salted caramel ice cream
Holly – raisin, currants
Trevor – n/a
Steve – much better
Simon – a little deconstrcuted

Dan – 9.5/19
Holly – 7/10
Trevor – 6.1/10
Steve – 6/10
Simon – 8.2/10

Glenfiddich 19y Age of Discovery Single Malt Scotch – 40% 750ml – $?? – Speyside

Try it? Yes! Buy it? At Duty Free maybe.


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