Glenfiddich 12y Special Reserve with Dad

It’s Dad’s birthday and he’s gone to the liquor cabinet and pulled out this Glenfiddich 12y Special Reserve. We’ve had a 12y Glenfiddich before, but it’s not clear if this is the same stuff.

I know for sure this bottle pre-dates my drinking whisky. Dad received this as a gift from a close friend when my grandfather passed away, which happened about 12 years ago now. Whisky doesn’t age in the bottle, so this isn’t a 24y or anything, but it does seem to be a different name with a different taste. There was none of the licorice or other things we found in the newer bottle, this one presented more of an Islay profile.

The Glenfiddich 12y we reviewed was “Our Signature Malt” – nowhere on the current green three corner bottle does it say “Special Reserve”. But many many whiskey sales sites seem to use the 12y and 12y Special Reserve interchangeably. It’s possible this is the older 12y packaging, but the colour scheme and marketing copy is different as well. I can’t find a good history of Glenfiddich offerings either and the one on wiki doesn’t mention this guy.

All that aside, it was nice to have a dram with Dad on his birthday. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – apples or pears & sherry, oak or applewood
Dad – apples & bristol cream

Simon – peaty, warm, earth, slight tingle
Dad – smoky, peat

Simon – clean, medium length, nice chest glow
Dad – lingering warmth on the tongue

Glenfiddich 12y Special Reserve – 40% 750ml – $?? – Speyside

Try it? Yes. Buy it? I don’t think you can.

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