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This is a bit of a finally for me.  I’ve had about four bottles of this and haven’t gotten around to writing a review.  It’s like going to a sci fi blog and there’s a obvious lack of Star Wars articles.

Glenfiddich is a huge brand, consisting of over 20 different lines of whisky. The 12y is the entry level scotch, a favourite of gift givers and duty free…loaders the world over. It’s actually the world’s most popular scotch, according to a suspiciously non-critical Wikipedia article. Big website, lots of press, Glenfiddich has established itself as a prestige brand, but while the 12y is not a bad drink, it is a little underwhelming. Here’s what we thought:


Dan – licorice, wood, swedish berries
Simon – bright, golden, cough syrup, bubblegum
Ryan – pear, double bubble, sweet

Dan – sweetness, burns the tongue
Simon – caramel, not a lot else
Ryan – very clean, sweet

Dan – peat, wood, licorice mellowed, splash necessary
Simon – chocolate, slightly creamy, oaked, anise
Ryan – better mouthfeel

Glenfiddich 12y – 40% 750ml – $49.95 – Speyside

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Great gift!

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