Tooth & Nail Discretion with Devin & Vanni

thisoneI moved into Hintonburg in Ottawa about a year ago, and this place is pretty great. Best part? Several breweries within walking distance. We’ve reviewed Beyond The Pale many times, but not Tooth & Nail right behind my place.

This is Discretion, their “biere de table”, a European traditional thing where they give booze to children. It is light on alcohol but with a refreshing taste, good for washing down steak or salad. Here’s what we thought:

Devin – pink, cloudy
Simon – pink bubbles
Vanni – peach hue

Devin – david’s tea
Simon – berry perfume, black currant
Vanni – berries

Devin – so mild, like a raddler
Simon – berry iced tea. summer deck drinker
Vanni – incredibly light, accessible

Devin – corn? water, all day drink
Simon – refreshing, slight bitter
Vanni – only light hint of beer

Devin – 8/10
Simon – 7.8/10
Vanni – 8/10

Tooth & Nail Discretion – 3.5% 330ml – $2.50 – Ontario

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes!

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