The English Whisky Co Chapter Nine Peated with Dan, Goran, Steve, Brian & Matt

IMG_6997thisoneFinally, back on track! We’ve got so many reviews in the hopper right now, y’all don’t even know. DON’T EVEN KNOW. Beers, gins & whiskies, new countries on the board!

We’ve had the Chapter Six already, and in similar circumstances with a smaller, newer distiller, you might see a bit of iteratism, if you will. Minor tweaks as different products. Hell, Glenmorangie did that with that Discovery Pack we got – it was the 10y, then the 10y in aged another two years in three different kind of barrels. It’s interesting from a connoisseur-ial/experimental standpoint to see how one change presents itself in the taste, but as a consumer, meh.

But by giving us peated and unpeated versions, well, they may have the started as the same grains, but that’s where these bottle brothers diverged. These would have been separate mashes, in different equipment (or the same at a different time).  And these differences definitely present in the taste; here’s what we thought.

Dan – light
Simon – pear juice
Goran – white wine
Steve – urine
Brian – very light, lemon, dish soap, blue?
Matt – slight green

Dan – light smoke with hints of stone fruit sweetness
Simon – sea side campfire
Goran – salt, vanilla, hint of cocnut
Steve – smoke
Brian – refreshing lemony nice
Matt – burly, salty, do not like, sea water, porcelain

Dan – extremely harsh burn, sweet & salty, warm
Simon – almost fizzy, young, baked desserts, flour
Goran – effervescent, strong bite to begin with, fades quickly, white chocolate
Steve – smoke, cask & burn
Brian – grapefruit, orange peel, not that smoky
Matt – very nice, upfront citrus, but no middle, nectar

Dan – numbness
Simon – not much, clean to light smoke
Goran – short burn, long vanilla flavour, lots of smoke
Steve – ethereal, no real taste beyond the smoke/cask
Brian – smooth, no bitter, lingering, but nice
Matt – cinnamon hearts, subtle burn

Dan – smoke goes headstrong through the light sweet stonefruit acidity
Simon – thinner, looses substance, easier & smoother
Goran – n/a
Steve – same as neat/finish only watery
Brian – n/a
Matt – cuts flavour, more even, retains enough, character preserved

Dan – 7.5 awesome tart smoky sweet scotch
Simon – 7.5 excellent young whisky, look forward to the 10y
Goran – 8.0 if you’re looking for a young whisky
Steve – 5.0 not a fan but recognize the quality
Brian – 9.0
Matt – 6.0

The English Whisky Co Chapter 9 Peated – 46% 200ml – $ – England

Try it? Yes! Buy it? No.

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