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Glenmorangie Discovery Pack

Single Malt

This was a great get.  For the cost of a bottle of Glenmorangie Original 10y, you get a bottle of Glenmorangie Original 10y, with three other scotches to try, each aged an additional 2 years in different kinds of casks.  The Quinta Ruban 12y is aged in port casks, the Nectar d’Or 12y in sauternes casks (that’s some kind of sweet French wine) and the Lasanta 12y is aged in sherry casks.

Now, if you’re a loyal reader, you might say “yo, you hate wine-cask-aged scotch.  So why is this good?” Well, I don’t just drink scotch for my own taste buds.  I’m a bit of a hedonist and an experientialist, and I just like new stuff.  In this case, I liked trying these different cask-aged scotches if only to know what those different kinds of cask taste like.  I like to approach this whole thing as scientifically as I can (as scientifically as any subjective-data-based pursuit can be) so by knowing what the iterations taste like, I feel like I have improved my knowledge on what the range of scotch can be.  Plus, like I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world, so when I can get five posts worth of content for the price of one, I’ll do it. (If anyone from the LCBO reads this, MORE WHISK(E)Y GIFT SETS PLEASE)

Anyway, a full week of Glenmorangie reviews coming up on  Stay tuned! er, browsed… or… surfed? Hyperlinked? Because web 1.0? Whatever…

Glenmorangie Discovery Pack – 40% 750ml, 3x 46% 50ml – $67.25 – Highlands

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