Stalk & Barrel Cask 2 with Dan & Goran

This is a little weird, but according to my whiskiography 2013-08-20 23.16.55I’m quickly approaching 100 bottles tried, and a glaring hole in my whisky experience was that I’ve never seen a distillery.  While I’m still envisioning a whisky tour of Scotland, Ireland, Japan or Kentucky, I’ve crossed this milestone here in my home province at Still Waters Distillery, producers of Ontario’s first single malt, Stalk & Barrel. I posted those pictures to yesterday.

High powered, high proofed whisky, Stalk & Barrel Cask 2 still manages to deliver the serious unity of flavour you expect from a single malt. Even when we splashed it down a bit, Cask 2 Bottle 71 remained sweet and spicy.

Dan – Caramel, sweet cherry, spicy
Simon – candied something, grain, sweet
Goran – cane sugar, yogurt, velvety smooth

Dan – almost too much, crazy burn, many fast flavours, floats on tongue, heat
Simon – pops in mouth, nutty, chest burn, homemade baking
Goran – most refined burn, nutty, warm, long lasting

Dan – expands flavour, burn continues, very spicy
Simon – sweetness returns, picante, faintest wood
Goran – sharp, well tuned treble flavour, the Jesus & Mary Chain of whisky

Stalk & Barrel Single Malt Whisky Cask 2 Bottle 71 – 61.3% 750ml – $99.95 – Canada

Try it? yes! Buy it! yes, but you might want to get it at 46%, based on your preference

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