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ScotchParty Review #7 – The Famous Grouse with Dan, Jared & Bowick

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IMG_6754So… yeah.. late at night. Not our best work. We had a few bail-outs and quitters. But to be fair they may have already been asleep. Shameful to say that we are going to have to revisit The Famous Grouse (warning, Flash splash page ahead, because it’s 2004) because the notes are incomplete. I will give you all that i’ve got here, all i can translate, anyway:

Simon – ham? cheese? wood or moss
Dan – bourbony-corn
Goran – buttery
Ryan – dried fruit
Jared – gouda cheese
Bowick – light & fruity

Simon – tequila-y
Dan – corn syrup, burn
Jared – fake sweetness, toasted marshmallow, chemical
Bowick – broken

..does.. uh.. does not appear to have happened. Hence the need to redo this one at some point in the future. As shameful an exercise as that will be.

The Famous Grouse Blended Scotch – 40% 750ml – $30.05 – Scotland

Try it? Uh… We did! Buy it? I wish i could tell you


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