Round 2! Dalwhinnie 15y with Dan

Just a quick Round 2! for this glorious August weekend. Scotch doesn’t always feel like a summer drink, but on those cooler evenings in front of the grill or out in nature, it can be the right compliment. And when it’s as good as Dalwhinnie, all the better. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – soft, green apple, daisies
Simon – subtle, light field flowers

Dan – smooth to the point that the first three seconds you wouldn’t know it was whisky, soft wood, soft spice (clove), mild caramel, vanilla
Simon – honey, ginseng

Dan – medium
Simon – smooth, warm in the chest

Dan – sweet, loses some depth
Simon – comes apart, thins & stings

Dan – 8.3/10
Simon – 7.4/10

Dalwhinnie 15y – 43% 750ml – $99.95 – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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