Round 2! Compass Box Peat Monster with Dan

Very quick review today because I’m late but that’s okay, we’ve had Compass Box’s Peat Monster before!

Here’s our previous go-round with this boggy bugger, so we can jump right into what we thought this time – there’s a bit of drift between then and now: is it us? Is it the whisky? Did we switch universes again? Here’s our best guess:

Dan – peat, grilled meat, bbq, lemon, pepper, lemon pepper
Simon – peat, beef

Dan – oddly cold, smooth then spicy with apple, wtf apple. bonfire/campfire
Simon – smoked lemon, camping sweatshirt

Dan – long & subtle
Simon – warmth & smoke

Dan – reduced to smokey & sweet
Simon – burn isolates, not better

Dan – 8.0/10
Simon – 7.9/10

for a blend
Dan – 9/10
Simon – 8.8/10

Compass Box Peat Monster Blended Scotch Whisky – 46% 50ml – $76.20 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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