P&M 3y Blended Corsican Whisky with Matt, Dan, Brian, Al & Steve

IMG_7219thisoneP&M Blended Whisky from Corsica; this puts France on our whisky map! Yay, France! (first time that’s been written in English) This was a fortuitous combination of cheap and novel, and ended up being a happy surprise. But let’s take a look at the region this is from.

A good place to start is where is Corsica? I have to write a bit first to get us past the post of this image so I can paste in the Google Map for you, but Corsica is off France’s Mediterranean coast, between France & Italy. North of Sardinia, south-east of Monaco. It’s a region of France, with distinct and officially recognized language of its own. It’s tied in deeply with the history of the region, being both geographically strategic and, y’know, where Napoleon comes from. Here’s that map:


It’s interesting how distilling anything, but to a greater extent these days, distilling whisk(e)y is a sort of… agreed-upon platform with which you can show what you or your country or region or bunch of drunk friends can do. After a half a dozen different whiskies, you start to able to tell what’s “just the whisky” and what unique elements each bottle is displaying. It can be anything from the personality of the distiller to the terroir present in taste. Whisky is like the alcohol version of the little black dress for a designer or the sandwich for a cook or a car for an engineer – we know what it is, now show us what you can do with it.

I guess any category of concept has that, to a certain extent. But whisky specifically gets balled up in the local culture in a way similar to music and writing – a convergent product that is also an emergent quality of a culture expressing itself. You need the right ingredients – water, grain, time, and you need people who can at least pretend to be passionate about those things and where they’re coming from. Music and writing similar require the same inputs: people who care, time to grow, and hell, plenty of whisky. But that standard platform can show your talent or your culture in high contrast – we know what whisky is, and now we know what you bring to it.

Corsica seems like the type of place worth visiting; apparently it smells like strawberries there. P&M whisky have something worth keeping an eye on: they made Corsican the 5th best whisky in the world in one of the dozens of World’s Best Whisky things out there, and this blend is excellent. It’s just a shame they don’t mention it on their site. One note: I think our bottle had spent some time on its side as there was a bit of cork in the liquor :/ Here’s what we thought:

Matt – yellow
Dan – hint of green
Brian – gold honey
Simon – deep cider
Al – gold
Steve – oil, amber beer

Matt – cherry, hoisin, peppermint, lik n stik candy stick
Dan – fennel, soy sauce
Brian – strong, sweet, overwhelming
Simon – peppersteak
Al – not peaty
Steve – rubbing alcohol, too loud

Matt – fruity, pineapple, spicy
Dan – salt & cinnamon hearts, burning
Brian – sweet start, bold, overwhelming, pleasant
Simon – simple but spicy, savoury, beef
Al – more bourbon than scotch, iodine
Steve – smooth, almost evaporates

Matt – subtle berry, spicy
Dan – like i’ve eaten salt & vinegar chips
Brian – super smooth finish
Simon – very clean, needs more cask
Al – n/a
Steve – tingling, chest warm, short

Matt – kills flavour, pleasant but less good, casky
Dan – spicy,  medium
Brian – not better
Simon – still good, spice up
Al – not better
Steve – more cask

Matt – 8/10
Dan – 6/10
Brian – 7/10
Simon – 8/10
Al – 7.4/10
Steve – 7/10

P&M 3y Blended Corsican Whisky – 40% 750ml – $26.45 – Corsica

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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