Pike Creek 10y Rum Cask with Matt

I could’ve sworn we’d had a Pike Creek before, but a quick search for “creek” only pings Forty, Knob and Corner. So add another creek to the… uh.. pile? of creeks?

Not creaks, creeks.

This particular creek is where Pike Creek ages their whisky, in this case in Rum Casks. Altho the website only mentions Port casks. Maybe we got an earlier batch, or a special batch. That’s us, we’re pretty special batch all round. Corby by way of Pernod, this is one of those CanUS projects, where it’s “product of Canada” but imported to the US first. Who knows, they don’t even seem to rate a wiki page. Oh hey, the one on the LCBO page looks like the Rum bottle we had so IDEK how to write one of these things anymore, get your product information straight.

Well, whatever, terrible web presence aside, here’s what we thought:

Matt – sugar cane, cool like menthol effect
Simon – sweet rum, halloween taffy

Matt – cask, cinnamon, rum warmth
Simon – chocolate, spice, salt

Matt – salty
Simon – nice warmth

Matt – erases sweet, more woody, whisky, not better
Simon – sweet opens up, burn

Matt – 8/10 “I really like it”
Simon – 7.6/10 “would never guess Canadian”

Pike Creek 10y Rum Cask Canadian Whisky – 42% 750ml – $?? – Ontario-ish

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.


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    David Trudell

    I know this is an old review, but there’s nothing “ish” about it’s origins. It’s made in Windsor by Hiram Walker, aged a few kms away at Pike Creek in Lakeshore, and mostly sold in Canada. Sure it’s corporate overlords are French, but multinationals own most of the distilleries you review.

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