Lombard Old Masters G Blend with Matt & Steve

IMG_9028Lombard’s Old Masters G Blended Scotch Whisky. This one is a little odd.

Lombard’s website, and the postal code, tell us the company hails from the Isle of Man, which is not part of Scotland. It’s its own sort of thing, part of Britain but not the United Kingdom sort of weird geo-political… well, pedantry, really.


The label calls this “scotch” and “product of Scotland”. And these guys are in not-Scotland. So what’s up?

My best guess is this is a bit more legal pedantry. The legal definition for “Scotch” only stipulates where the whisky is made and aged, not where it is blended. I guess we could order a couple of casks of different stuff from Scotland and blend it on the moon and it would still be “Scotch”, but that seems like a weird legal gap.

Another interesting inconsistency is that our bottle has a predominant G on the front label, as does the one on the LCBO page for this product. This G appears on a product shot at GlobalWineSpirits but no where else. Combined with the Freemasons label theme and iconography I assume this is some kind of conspiracy by an international organization against me personally. If this website ever goes dark know that I’ve been taken, and avenge me or whatever.

I think I actually have family in the Freemasons, now that I think about it. Anyway, here’s what we thought about the whisky:

Simon – sticky, yellow
Matt – cheap olive oil, golden
Steve – straw

Simon – mash, bitter, fake leather, offgassing vinyl
Matt – rubbing alcohol, sweet, new car smell
Steve – fruity, no peat

Simon – thin, not much to it, heat
Matt – woody, non-offensive, not exciting, easy, scotch & soda
Steve – creamy, smooth, wood

Simon – not much more burn, lingering bitterness
Matt – short, not complete
Steve – medium

Simon – falls apart. mint? weird
Matt – extinguished
Steve – candy

Simon – 6/10
Matt – 6.5/10
Steve – 7.5/10

Lombard Old Masters G – 40% 750ML – $50.95 – Isle Of Man

Try it? Two yesses. Buy it? Decent mix, but not to drink straight.

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