Knob Creek Straight Rye with Dan & Ryan

thisReturn to Knob Country! Wow, that sounds like the name of a porn.

Back to back Knobs here at-nope. Um…

We’re busy Knobbing away-no.

In the middle of a good Knobfest-not okay.

SOMETHING SOMETHING THE 3RD KNOB CREEK. It’s awry. Well no, the start of this post is awry, this Knob Creek is a rye.

Aside from the knob jokes, what can I tell you about Knob Creek this time? Well, despite the corporate polish on all the brands to come out of the Jim Beam Distillery, it should be noted that the family lineages are long and loyal to the company. Knob Creek is part of the Jim Beam Small Batch sub-label, as we’ve mentioned many times, another of which is Booker’s. That bourbon is named for Booker Noe II, a master distiller at Jim Beam in the back half of the 1900s. His son, Booker Noe III represents the 7th generation of Beam family carrying on the distilling tradition, and it certainly does seem like they “Noe” what they’re doing (DON’T HATE ME I HAD TO). It’s the traditions of the second Noe that get evoked all over the website for the Knob Creek brand.

Take Your Kid To Work Day really sticks with this family. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – jurassic park, say that
Simon – orange
Ryan – golden brown

Dan – caramel, cinnamon, wood
Simon – sweet like bourbon, rye, spice
Ryan – cherry, almond

Dan – sweet & alcohol
Simon – spicy bourbon
Ryan – sweet, cinnamon, apricot

Dan – warm back of throat
Simon – chest warm
Ryan – pleasant, crunchie bar

Dan – smooth & sweet, spicy soft caramel
Simon – spice lightens, sweetened
Ryan – n/a

Knob Creek Straight Rye – 50% 750ml – $54.85 – USA

Try it? Sure! Buy it? If you like rye, you’ll like it.

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