King Robert II Blend with Dan

A lovely Christmas present reviewed in the spring and finally published on one of the hottest days of the year. It’s hot. It’s real hot. You’d be excused by saying “Damn, dude, surely this is the kind of weather best suited for a refreshing gin review or some such” and I would agree with you, but we’ve got six months of reviews in the hopper and none of them are particularly summery. So… screw you, I guess. Sorry we’re so productive – this is our 421st post.

King Robert the Deuce is an Ian Macleod brand who you would know from Sheep Dip (which we reviewed) and Pig Nose (which I saw but did not buy based on our review of Sheep Dip) and a rum with the same name as this blended scotch.

Dan – mashy, sour corn sweetness/mushy wood
Simon – slight solvent & caramel, golden syrup

Dan – bitter, slightly peated corn mash
Simon – smooth at first then massive bite

Dan – long & dry
Simon – burn in chest

Dan – thinner, caramel flavoured vodka
Simon – thinned. salted caramel

Dan – 5.5/10
Simon – 6.1/10

King Robert II Blended Scotch Whisky – 43% 1l – ?? – Scotland

Try it? nah. Buy it. no.

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