iScotch Scotch Slurry with Dan, Ryan & Julia

thisAnd now for something different.

Not completely different, because 1) it’s still whisky and 2) I’m not quoting Monty Python. This is… relatively different while remaining on-topic for a website about booze.

HOW relatively different, you ask? And why does it say ‘slurry’ in the title, you continue to ask? And do you really think this is hobby really something you should be spending your time on, you ask as you monopolize the conversation and make all the other readers uncomfortable?


This is the first of two sort-of homemade blends we tried to craft for ourselves. This slurry is of the last several dozen single malt and blended scotches we’ve reviewed, all carefully* and thoughtfully* measured out** and blended together with everything we’ve learned from two and a half years of doing this website***.

**poured freehand
***we’ve learned nothing

Matt had suggested putting the last, bottle stale leftovers from each tasting into a slurry, which is how this started, but it soon became tradition to pay a little into it from every bottle on first opening. Here’s what we thought of our experiment:

Dan – apple juice
Simon – orange
Ryan – cinnamon
Julia – amber

Dan – apricot & smoke
Simon – peat, sweet
Ryan – smoke, fruity, citrus
Julia – green wood

Dan – coated, sweet burn
Simon – unbalanced maple sweetness
Ryan – smoke, char, cherry
Julia – smooth

Dan – dry
Simon – mild chest warmth
Ryan – n/a
Julia – n/a

Dan – woody, apricot jam with peat at the end
Simon – super fruity & sweet
Ryan – n/a
Julia – n/a

iScotch Scotch Slurry – 45+% 750ml – priceless – Scotland, blended in Canada

Try it? There’s none left. Buy it? You can’t.

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