Glen Grant 5y Single Malt Scotch with Dan & Goran

thisoneGoran found this bottle on a recent trip to The Continent (not this one, a different one) – Glen Grant 5y Single Malt Scotch! Scotch whisky from Italy!

Glen Grant is a long standing Speyside distillery with the standard modern tale of merger and resale.  Originally started by bootlegging brothers, it passed to a nephew and then to a grandson, then formed a partnership with Glenlivet. Later, after becoming part of the Chivas Regal family, Glen Grant was purchased by Campari and is now the most popular single malt scotch in Italy.

I had to lie to the age verifier on the website and say I was logging in from Italia to find this bottle, as it didn’t show up in the “international” site. Google translate suggests this was inspired by The Major, the above mentioned nephew, who I can only assume was also 5 years old?

Our first example of a long established whisky, here’s what we thought:

Dan – jolly rancher apple with hints of wood
Simon – sour apple, wheat bread
Goran – white chocolate, cherry

Dan – slightly salty with a smoky burn
Simon – unusual, bright burn in the chest, light flavour, smoke
Goran – rosewater, almond, vanilla

Dan – long, burn
Simon – burn, chest warmth, vanilla
Goran – short, coconut

Dan – lightly sweet baked apple & wood
Simon – brass, salt, smells odd though
Goran – only lightens

free association
Dan – sitting in front of a fireplace wearing a cardigan smoking a pipe cross legged in the winter
Simon – the world burns

Dan – 7.5/10
Simon – 7.8/10
Goran – 8/10

Glen Grant 5y Single Malt Scotch – 40% 750ml – $$ – Speyside by way of Italy

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No 

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