Gibson’s Finest 12y with Dan, Ryan & Goran

Untitled1Part one of our Drank Myself Budget Unconscious series, Gibson’s Finest 12y. And we’ve managed to stay one rung off the bottom here, because at almost $2.00 more than the Sterling per 750ml, this is the second tier offering from Gibson’s.

Gibson’s is owned by Grant’s from Scotland, and was known for it’s rye in the early years, but after shifting ownerships has come to be the more pejorative Canadian whisky-style whisky product, if you will.  This one did not stand up to scrutiny:

Dan – caramel, hairspray
Simon – fruty, hairspray, au caramel, malibu rum
Ryan – light spice, dirty alcohol burn, more like rum
Goran – nail polish, sea salt, no sweet, swampy

Dan – syrup from baklava, brown sugar simple syrup, caramel pump
Simon – nothing on the tongue, sweet, fruit, at back of mouth
Ryan – just sugar, simple syrup, added sugar
Goran – sweetness not there, finish is unfortunately sharp

Dan – shot of vodka & caramel
Simon – gross
Ryan – n/a, why bother
Goran – n/a

Gibson’s Finest 12y Canadian Whisky – 40% 375ml – $14.95 – Canada

Try it? Absolutely not. Buy it? No.

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