Dillon’s White Rye with Dan, Ryan & Goran

IMG_4092An honest to god rye.  Dillon’s White Rye is unaged, so it’s not legally a whisky, but it’s way more of a rye than anything called “Canadian Whisky”.  If you order a rye and coke, or a rye and ginger, chances are you’re being given Canadian Club or Crown Royal, both of which are predominantly corn whiskies, aged the minimum three years and likely further coloured and flavoured with caramel. Definitely not a rye.

Rant ended. As I said above, this is an unaged, unoaked, uncasked, whatever, rye.  If you aged this in casks, it would mellow, take on taste elements of the wood, and darken in colour over time.  This is essentially moonshine made of rye instead of corn.  And it tastes like it.

Dan – fermented licorice, moldy rye
Simon – rye bread version of moonshine
Ryan – vile, licorice in an old sock
Goran – salami, hay

Dan – licorice, sambucca
Simon – syrup – sweet but gross
Ryan – spoiled nuts
Goran – not too bad but missing maturation

Dan – pipe licorice, lots of burn
Simon – rye moonshine
Ryan – nibs licorice
Goran – good if you find grappa too mellow

Dillon’s White Rye – 40% 750ml – $37.45 – Canada

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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