Crown Royal Bourbon Mash aka Blender’s Mash with Steph, Matt & Marie-Michèle

Interesting story on this one. Crown Royal released the bottle as Bourbon Mash (seen here because we got the hookup), a Canadian whisky made in Canada using a typical Bourbon mashbill. And since a Scottish Rye would still be Scottish, it got approved etc and sent out to market. However, because of the prominent Bourbon and Whisky words on the label, some people decided that the general public couldn’t be trusted to make a consistent distinction between the two products. Crown Royal to their credit leaned in on the name change, doing it early and clearly labeling the leftover stock “NOT A BOURBON”.

That said, there’s not much more to this whisky than the above story. Clever to turn a blunder into at least some market attention, too bad it wasn’t for something more interesting. Here’s what we thought:

Marie-Michèle – vanilla, clove, punch
Matt – apple, sweet orange, triple sec
Simon – triple sec, candied orange, cointreau
Steph – burnt orange, mulling spice

Marie-Michèle – smooth
Matt – wood, not a lot of character, subtle spice
Simon – interesting mouthfeel, oily, not much flavour
Steph – don’t hate it, smooth, would go well with egg nog

Marie-Michèle – easier
Matt – disappears
Simon – hot tongue
Steph – thin

Marie-Michèle – lost
Matt – very sweet & non descript, hummingbird juice
Simon – orange oil
Steph – falls apart

overall – better than regular crown royal
Marie-Michèle – n/a
Matt – 6/10
Simon – 6.5/10
Steph – 8/10

Crown Royal Bourbon Mash aka Blender’s Mash – 750ml 40% – $ – Manitoba

Try it? Sure. Buy it? No.

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