Century Reserve Lot 15-25 Custom Blend Rye with Dan & Goran

thisCentury Reserve Lot 15-25 Custom Blend Rye Whisky. That’s a lot of words. AGAIN. And I’m always suspicious of whiskies with numbers in the name. I checked the website, the meagre write-up says it has been aged for “many” years. Numbers in the name, words in the age. Not a great sign.

It is, however, a pretty fancy looking bottle. This would make a good gift for someone you wanted to impress but with whom you have no intention of ever drinking.

Information: Century Reserve is distilled by Highwood Distillers out of Alberta. They make a lot of everything, including rums and gins and creams and white whiskies and premixed woo-girl drinks. Some people could say that this breadth of experience might bring some really interesting expertise to play on what their whisky tastes like. Those people can leave, with a complimentary Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita.

Here’s what we thought:

Dan – apple juice
Simon – very light actifed yellow
Goran – apple juice, urine sample

Dan – strawberry, wood hairspray
Simon – fuzzy peach, sweetness
Goran – cross between whiskey & bourbon

Dan – clove spicy, soggy wood, dry
Simon – bright sweetness into light burn, almond
Goran – strawberry, candied fruit

Dan – astringent
Simon – burn & chest heat, husk
Goran – long, down the middle, bright aspect

Dan – refer to neat with less sweetness and less intensity
Simon – not better
Goran – hint of peach becomes more evident

Century Reserve Lot 15-25 Custom Blend – 40% 750ml – $32.95 – Canada

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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