Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky with Dan

When a lovely birthday present isn’t a lovely whisky – Thanks Steph! Caribou Crossing Single Barrel whisky – a birthday gift that has turned into a bit of a public service announcement.

We’ve talked before about the Box Tax, well, this whisky makes you pay all the taxes. The Box Tax. The Swank Velvet Bag Tax. The Holographic Label Tax. The Wax Seal Tax. And even the Super Fancy Dangerously Stabby Cork Topper Tax. It’s as if a merch company made a whisky, I think it even comes with a mouse pad and coffee mug on the side.

The holding company Sazerac calls this Canada’s first single barrel brand, and that it draws from their stock of 200k barrels. What that sounds like is they wanted an avenue to sell orphaned barrels without having to spend time or money on blending them into something people would buy. That’s a little harsh but it explains some of the price. Trying to establish a premium bottling brand can’t be cheap or easy, especially when the whisky is, like… real bad.

Which is a little hard to square since this brand as a long awards list and pulls fours and fives out of five stars on other review websites. Maybe it’s our palates – that’s always an option – but it could also be buy-in. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – very sweet w floral ah caramel
Simon – very smooth christmas spices, rye, light caramel

Dan – rose water? slightly coated, caramel and burnt nuts
Simon – a little plastic, light to start but chem burn

Dan – long & spicy
Simon – long mouth burn

Dan – very sweet fake caramel, no
Simon – sweet, falls apart

overall – less syrupy than regular canadian
Dan – 4.5/10        5/10 for a canadian
Simon – 4/10       4/10 for a canadian

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Whisky – 40% 750ml – $95.00 – Quebec

Try it? No. Buy it? Do not.

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