Bushmills 10y with Dan & Goran

IMG_6254bAnother box-checking entry we’d been looking forward to.  We’ve had the Bushmills 10y before but it didn’t survive long enough to be reviewed. Oh well, a timely return. This leaves very few of the Bushmills’ stable that we haven’t tried yet – Dan is talking about tracking down the 21y later this year.

Good, but not amazing. Very nice, but not breathtaking. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – strong, harsh, soft caramel apple
Simon – sliced apple, candy scent, fruity, natural, cotton candy
Goran – milky, candy apple, almond

neatDan – immediate wood, apricot, non-citrus fruit, very smooth
Simon – fruity, dried fruit, smoothish
Goran – light, breezy, sharp finish, a bit piney, nutty/oaky

Dan – lemon, apple, burn is flavour, not alcohol, citrus rind, bitter
Simon – simply lighter, wood comes to fore, slight spice
Goran – a bit citrus like, sharp, sweet cinnamon

Bushmills 10y Single Malt – 40% 750ml – $40.95 – Ireland

Try it? For completeness’ sake, sure. Buy it? If the 16y isn’t available, sure.

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