Bulleit Rye Whiskey with Dan, Ryan & Davey

IMG_2602 (2)Bulleit Rye Whiskey. Because when you make okay bourbon, why not try okaying at other things too?

While it doesn’t mention in what type of wood this whiskey was aged for or how long (presumably 3 years), the website does detail the mash pretty clearly: 95% rye 5% malted barley. We like that kind of transparency because it allows people with too much whiskey money to dial in what flavour blends we like. I mean, we don’t know what kind of rye or barley, but it’s a start.

Unfortunately, this straight rye whiskey is not exclusive to Bulleit, but is the product of MGP of Indiana, a distiller for Diageo. There are several other brands selling this same 95% straight rye whiskey, but this appears to be the only bottling to make it north of the border.  George Dickel’s is also produced there, but filtered and bottled elsewhere. This would seem to limit the available variety of ryes, and it probably does.  Rye has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity with the rest of the whiskey family, and it’s possible that only this factory-type production can match demand.

That doesn’t mean you should drink it though, right?  Here’s what we thought:

Dan – dried sap
Simon – rose cider
Ryan – orange
Davey – golden amber

Dan – cherry, spice, cold breeze
Simon – sharp, smooth, definite rye… corn?
Ryan – cherry tartness, mildly sweet
Davey – thick & sweet

Dan – spicy, sweet, dry
Simon – new wood, rye for sure but much smoother
Ryan – light woody burn
Davey – spicy & clean

Dan – coated tongue, spicy
Simon – burn, bitter aftertaste
Ryan – nothing noteworthy
Davey – smooth burn

Dan – cherry licorice, wood, slight spice
Simon – apple juice & cinnamon
Ryan – peach
Davey – n/a

Bulleit Rye Whiskey – 45% 750ml – $38.45 – USA

Try it? Or any of the others with different names. Buy it? Meh. Unconvincing.

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