All The Spiceboxes with Mum & Dan

Spicebox spiced whisky – “real prohibition rye whisky” marked “spices” to help smuggling. There’s a great story on their website that seems to have zero relationship with this product other than them calling it “real prohibition rye whisky”. Maybe this booze is specifically banned somewhere, otherwise I don’t understand how that works.

Since spicing for illicit narrative purposes is insufficient, Spicebox also makes Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread flavours. Who doesn’t need more Christmas flavour in their life? Remember to enjoy in moderation to avoid Reindeer Syndrome or Santa’s Palsy.

As we usually do with brands of flavoured whisky, we’ve lumped all these buggers in together in one post. A post that has taken about a year to finally finish. I wanted to make sure we had notes on all the flavours but I can’t seem to track down the Chocolate or Cinnamon varieties – neither are at either the LCBO or the SAQ. Bad luck for readers, probably good luck for our mouth parts.

That’s not fair – the original is one of the best flavoured whiskies on the market and Mum managed a decent mixed drink out of the Gingerbread one. For detail, here’s what we thought:

Spicebox Spiced Whisky
Dan – egg nog & white chocolate
Simon – vanilla bubble gum ice cream

Dan – bergamot, earl grey london fog
Simon – whisky is present, well balanced, cinnamon

Dan – oily at the end
Simon – filmy & sweet

Dan – earl grey latte
Simon – cinnamon heat

Dan – 6/10
Simon – 4/10

for a flavoured whisky
Dan – 9.5/10
Simon – 9/10

Spicebox Spiced Rye Whisky – $35% 750ml – $28.45 – Quebec

Try it? Yes. Buy it? If you need spiced whisky this is the best one.

Pumpkin Spiced Whisky
Gill – vanilla pumpkin, artificial, caramel
Simon – fake vanilla, more like hairspray

Gill – wow, quite loaded, overflavoured
Simon – canned pumpkin pie filler

Gill – flavouring, doesn’t taste true
Simon – mouth covered in syrup

ginger ale splash
Gill – too many things
Simon – weird british sports drink

Gill – 4/10
Simon – 3/10

Spicebox Pumpkin Spiced Whisky – 35% 750ml – $28.45 – Quebec

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

Gingerbread Spiced Whisky
Gill – ginger
Simon – molasses

Gill – cream, ginger, vanilla
Simon – gingerbread, grain, rye, caramel

Gill – whisky at the back, raw
Simon – clean for how much neat tastes

ginger ale
Simon – not good

Gill – needs mix

ginger beer
Gill – a little better, like a double-spiced rye and ginger
Mum – very nice! then had 2 on ice and christened it a Whisky Shandy.

Gill – 8/10
Simon – 6.5/10

Spicebox Gingerbread Spice Whisky – 35% 375ml – $16.45 – Quebec

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Good for entertaining.


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