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Caol Ila 12y with Dan

The unpronounceable Caol Ila (allegedly either ‘cool eye-la’ or ‘cull eela’ depending where you look) is another brand, the web presence that covers Talisker, Dalwhinnie, Oban, Lagavulin and a […]

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Bowmore 18y with Ryan

Last of the wee Bowmores.  For reference, 50ml is enough for two tasters or one actual drink. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of buying the Bowmore Collection – […]

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Bowmore 15y Darkest with Ryan

First of the micro reviews.  Not that they’re shorter (they really couldn’t be, I’m phoning this shit in pretty hard already), they’re just reviews of tiny bottles of Bowmore that […]

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Wiser’s De Luxe with Dan

Wiser’s De Luxe is apparently not the most budget member of the Wiser’s family, which is kind of terrifying.  We reviewed the Small Batch which is allegedly of higher quality […]

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Amrut Fusion

As you already know, whisky is far from a simply Scottish phenomenon.  Ireland has its own whiskey, from a different methodology and a different tradition.  North American whiskies like bourbon, […]

Ice the ice

I am done with ice in my scotch.  No more rocks. As always, I firmly believe you should drink your booze the way you want.  Ice, splash, soda, pomegranate juice […]