Glengoyne 15y with Dan, Bowick & Steph

Our second swing at the Glengoyne Gift Collection is the 15y. Glengoyne suggest a rather elaborate range of flavours are present in this dram, I’m not so sure. The label details are also quite different and list different woods between the bottle and the website; is this marketing drift? Or distilling? Who knows!

Summary: they aged it in some kind of wood and there’s some kind of flavours, maybe, if you have a nose a taste buds and a suggestible mind, maybe. Here’s what we thought:


Simon – caramel apples, bakery smells, crust and pastry, cherries, damp oak
Steph – skor bar, super sweet, bosc pear, orchard smells, buttercups
Dan – leather, tobacco, licorice, lavender, vanilla
Bowick – orange, bright

Simon – loud, smokier than expected, well assembled, apple fruit leather
Steph – has an overcooked taste, no sweetness
Dan – dark, very bitter like walnut, like chewing a stirstick
Bowick – easy, smooth, inoffensive

Simon – lips burning, chest warm.
Steph – burning
Dan – numb
Bowick – almost none

Simon – candied apple, better, cuts the anger
Steph – flavour all at the front now, definitely better with a splash, sweeter
Dan – sweetness finally comes thru floral, kind of like swedish berries at the end
Bowick – open up, sweet

Simon – 7.7/10
Steph – 7.2/10
Dan – 7.8/10

Glengoyne 15y Single Malt Highland Scotch – 43% 200ml – $110.45 – Highlands/Lowands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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