Traverse City Whiskey Company 4y Straight Bourbon with Dan & Julia

IMG_5926The second review from my business trip to Michigan!

I was going to be pretty disappointed if I didn’t find something local in MI, USA. It’s a working state, and working people need good booze to keep them from thinking about how much work they still have to do. And let me tell you, Traverse City Whiskey Co will help.

TCWC is a bourbon, so it’s at least 51% corn by law. But thanks to the label and the website, we know they’ve also blended in rye and barley (malted? maybe!) to their mash or into their barrels. (Dan’s a fan of the hint-o-rye.) They age their whiskey in new American oak barrels, and make references to Hemingway, so I might have to ping Holly and see if she’ll reprise her role as Lady Hemingway for another guest review (hmm.. genius! emailing…).

If this review is coming across as a bit flippant, it’s because I just finished another work trip – to the frigging Arctic circle! I’m sitting in a hotel in Edmonton writing this, enjoying the lingering influence of a Bowmore 18 from the well-stocked Executive Royal Inn’s lounge bar. I recommend it if you’re ever in The Chuck.

Anyway, this is a new, up and coming distiller with some serious promise. This is their only product out currently, which is cool, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them. Hopefully they’ll start selling into Ontario so I won’t be giving the last of mine away, either way here’s what we thought:

Dan – amber ale
Simon – orange brass, lots of legs
Julia – orange

Dan – stonefruit, caramel, astringent
Simon – oak, grape, sharp
Julia – strong, smokeyness

Dan – immediately spicy, tongue numbing, dry wood, no sweetness
Simon – sweet, burn, caramel
Julia – too strong

Dan – dry
Simon – burn lingers
Julia – not enjoying

Dan – sweetness comes back, clove, apricot, wood
Simon – spice, sweet, much better, caramel
Julia – so much better, mellow

Traverse City 4y Straight Bourbon – 43% 750ml – $29.95USD – Michigan

Try it? Yes! Buy it? If you can.

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