Tomintoul Glenlivet 16y with Dan & Goran

The second entry in our month of Tomintoul, we have the 16y. There’s… not too much to say that we didn’t cover last time, it’s the same whisky, just from longer ago. Iteration is the highest form of… something. Probably. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – savory mash, sherry, cranberry
Simon – fuller, slightly soapy, slight smoke, red cherries
Goran – fuller, more sugar, chocolate

Dan – Creme Brulee esque caramel, pipe tobacco, coffee/irish cream
Simon – thinner than expected, honey, mellow tobacco, red fruit
Goran – more chocolate, light but well rounded flavour, not much fruit

Dan – Short, thin,
Simon – large chest warmth, lingering honey
Goran – short, very light burn; nutty finish, some orange

Dan – disappears and becomes bland
Simon – too thin, flavour still there but lost
Goran – not necessary but adds floral sweetness

Dan –  7/10
Simon – 7.3/10
Goran –  8/10

Tomintoul Speyside 16y – 40% 50ml – $117.95 – Speyside

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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